You know those gorgeous blogs, with the perfectly manicured websites and the achingly beautiful Instagram feed? You know how we desperately all want to be like them?

Well, this blog is not like that.

Oh, sure, there's def a part of me that wants that gorgeously curated life, but I can't ever fully 100% commit to it. Any time I try, there's always a tiny voice in the back of my mind going yes but remember how all you did last weekend was balance your laptop on your chest and use it as a plate for pizza while watching YouTube videos?

In other words, I can't ever take myself seriously.

If you like your lifestyle sites to be able to laugh at themselves, then THIS, my friend, is the place for you. I will try and provide you with pretty pictures of a gorgeous life...but failing that, I will at least try to make you laugh.

I go by the name Felicity. I'm an aspiring author and recovering vidder and this is my space where I experiment with writing and filming and documenting my life. I can't promise that the content I produce will be incredibly awesome, but I WILL try to be sure you enjoy yourself.

Come, pull up a chair and a plate of pizza and let's have some fun with this!

Product/Item Review Policy

As of right now, literally all the products or items I've featured on this site have been purchased by me or given to me by friends and family. If a product is sent to me for review, I will always disclose this. I do not accept or review products or items that I personally would not use. I do not do "native content" posts. Final review of products or items is always my honest opinion. 

Comment Policy

Threatening comments, hate speech, flaming, harassment, or trolling is not tolerated here. Any comments which fall into this category will be deleted and the user banned. I have a "3 strikes" policy but reserve the right to change this at any time. 

I also will not disclose information on commentators to any businesses or entities unless required to by law. 

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