The One Sunscreen I'm Using This Winter

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Back when I was still reviewing the 2015 Sephora Sun Safety Kit, I'd broken the offering down into 3 parts: physical, chemical, and miscellanea. I never did get around to the chemical part (oops), but even if I had, it wouldn't have done this little gem any good, because summer is the wrong time of year for it.

Vita Liberata's Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 50 isn't really a summer sunscreen- at least, not for me. 2015 saw a few oil-based sunscreens hit the market and I expect this trend will continue into 2016. I hope it does, because for me, oil based sunscreens are an excellent winter sunscreen.

I have normal skin that sometimes gets the tiniest hint of oil in the T-zone, a leftover from my teenage years moonlighting as an oil field. Because I use 2-3 acids in my daily skincare routine, I always worry about skin flakes congregating in the lower half of my face. Oil based sunscreens during winter really help with mitigating this.

The advertising copy for this calls this a "dry oil", which is marketing speak for "this oil absorbs fairly quickly but is still an oil but we want to catch your attention so we'll call it dry and make it seem ~*~unusual and magical~*~". The company also repeatedly uses the phrase "stunning dewy radiance" which actually means "this shit makes your face real shiny, k?" But I mean, it's a sunscreen. that's an oil. No shit it's going to make your face shiny.

What will help mitigate the shininess is to use only 1 pump of the stuff and massage it into your skin really well. I used to use 2 pumps, and boy howdy did that give me some stunning dewy radiance. I was so radiant I was flashing back to my oil field years. I was stunning small animals with my radiance. It also doesn't absorb quickly if you use too much. 

However, once it's in there it tends to do pretty well at moisturizing your skin. I have a moisturizer from Silk Naturals that I'm using right now and this is an excellent supplement to that. My skin doesn't get as flaky when I use them both in tandem, so I'm pretty much sold on oil-based sunscreens for winter.

If you're a Sephora Beauty Insider, this sunscreen is currently on a promo that will net you 2x the points when you purchase it, through 01/18/2016. Even though my sample size shows no signs of running out any time soon, I'm considering purchasing the full size- since, after all, I'm going to be wearing this every day for the foreseeable future.

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