Fright Night Friday: Nosferatu

Friday, October 30, 2015


For one, I thought it would be a vaguely creepy movie but for the most part it was interesting but then the ending was SAD, which, why? Why?

  • So first off, we have this couple who are happily in love and married and they have an adorable cat. 
  • The main guy is called Hutter but with the Gothic script they used it looked more like Nutter, and it took me over half the movie to figure out that no, he wasn't called Nutter.
  • Hutter's employer Knock is shady as heck and you can tell because he's been made up to look almost as ugly as Nosferatu.
  • When Hutter ends up in Transylvania he ends up having to stay the night at an inn because the forecast says they have a 100% chance of WEREWOLF
  • Who is actually not a wolf at all but a striped hyena
  • First the armadillos, then the hyenas, what is with Hollywood and the fauna of Transylvania?
  • Meanwhile Hutter's wife Ellen is sleepwalking because she's worried about her husband on his trip. Her husband who, by the way, told her he was leaving to go travel the "land of phantoms and thieves" or some crap, like who wouldn't worry after that?? 
  • Anyway Nosferatu comes and picks up Hutter at some point and takes him to his castle and the castle is actually pretty neat! 
  • Meanwhile Hutter has a random book he found that is alllll about Nosferatu and how to defeat him, which is very convenient
  • People are climbing out of windows and coming down with "blood congestion" everywhere you turn in this movie.
  • Anyway Nosferatu is coming for Ellen because he's all into her neck but because Hutter jumped out of a window he gets stuck in the hospital and thus can't protect her. Then we spend the next THIRTY MINUTES watching as Hutter tries to beat Nosferatu back to his place
  • At some point the plague is involved? They try to imply it's because Nosferatu is eating everyone
  • Also there's like, a room full of people who have all touched a body that they believe to have the plague, and rather than lock themselves in the room they all run back to their homes, thereby guaranteeing that the plague gets to their loved ones
  • Nosferatu wanders around town with this like giant casket and no one notices anything
  • Remember Hutter's boss Knock, the 2nd most shady guy? He keeps trying to climb out of windows because he's possessed by Nosferatu or something. Anyway, he escapes from the asylum and everyone blames him for the plague
  • They think they all have the plague! Why would you want to run around in a giant group???
  • they totally FUCK UP this one scarecrow
  • meanwhile Nosferatu is eating people
  • Ellen finds her husband's book and reads about how to defeat Nosferatu
  • which basically entails him drinking a maiden's blood and something about the sun
  • I can never tell what time anything takes place in so I assume it's all day all the time
  • Anyway Ellen invites Nosferatu in and sends her husband away and sacrifices herself to save the town from Nosferatu, and it works
  • SHE DIES! THAT ADORABLE COUPLE IS NOW DEAD. So instead of relief you just feel sad! The heck!
That being said, I can see why this has remained iconic. Any of the scenes with Nosferatu actually do stand out. He seems quietly malevolent at times, rather than outright freaky. I was surprised to see the context of the famous "shadow on the staircase: still. I thought he'd just creep up the stairs but he basically runs up them. Not as creepy as I'd hoped.

This is my first major silent movie, and it was interesting to see how they were done. The acting style is so different from today's and it was cool to see how the information was conveyed through facial expressions and gestures.

Overall, I kind of want to watch it again, but in the context of a class, so I can more fully appreciate its impact on cinema.

Poor Hutter, though.

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