Sunday Haul: Target Edition

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Can we do Target hauls? Is that a thing? If not, it is now.

Like pretty much every other middle-class white girl, I have feelings about Target. These feelings often involve a sense of serenity and contentment at the idea of browsing bright, clean aisles that are full of things I could see myself using. In fact, I went way over budget with this particular trip, because I found a lamp that is critical to my Secret Decorating Project and also a shade for said lamp. It's not a part of the haul because I want to wait and reveal it in it's soon-to-be-native territory. Also, it would be kind of awkward fitting it all into the picture.

Now, I've fallen madly in love with this 3.1 Philip Lim satchel, but of course it will be many moons before I can afford that kind of price tag. However, the above bag looks like it's vaguely the same shape, and is much more within my budget. I found it also in a brown color, and regretfully couldn't buy both... at least, not this trip.

I've transferred to a different department at work, and will finally have my own desk, which means I've been looking around for cute office decor and stationary. I will also be retiring my current work bag, which had to serve as a mobile office for far longer than it was made for. The above bag has enough room for my wallet, tablet, and planner, and I'm very excited to be downgrading to a smaller, more manageable bag size!

Another thing I picked up for work is that EOS lotion above. Full disclosure... I only bought it because it will look cute on my desk. I don't even know how it smells! I hope I like it. My desk color scheme is gold, pink, and black. Obviously, you can see how the above bottle fits in. I guess if I don't like it I can always fill it up with something I do?

The above candle was also an impulse buy, but I've been desperately wanting a fall scent for my apartment. (Speaking of fall, you better brace yourselves, because there will be a whirlwind of autumnal posts coming your way!) I loved this scent and it was the last candle they had, so I'm looking forward to burning it tonight while I wind down before bed.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Pixi Glow Tonic! I've been looking for a good AHA to add to my routine and from the reviews I've read this one seems to be a pretty good one! Maybe I'll do a review on it? I haven't decided yet.


Lots of stuff planned during October! I'll be starting an offshoot of my Sunday Night Cinema series called Fright Night Friday. It's basically SNC but for scary movies. 

Well, probably not scary. The theme I decided on is vampires, and I picked an awful lot of arthouse-y movies about them. 

The dates are as follows:

October 2: Only Lovers Left Alive
October 9: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
October 16: Byzantium
October 23: Dracula (1931)
October 30: Nosferatu

I can't wait to watch and discuss these with you!