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Saturday, August 1, 2015

This week's post is gonna be a lazy-ass Insta round up post because this week, you guys. It was crazy-making!

Work was hellacious. I'm talking like "Please God let me find a Xanax someone has dropped because I can't take this stress anymore". Yeah, I was at the point where eating prescription pills off the floor seemed like a solid life choice. (I didn't, for the record. Find a Xanax that is.)

Then my car died after work and I spent 4 hours in the office parking lot and if I never see that damn place again I will be seriously so happy.

To top it off my body was all "Let's get in on this crapfest!" and so I haven't been feeling too great either.

On the bright side, at least I'm not having the week that Meek Mill is having? So life could be worse, I guess!

One of my ideas for a post is to do a write-up on my writing setup. This is what I've got going on for right now in terms of a standing desk. Side note: Standing desks are really good for you! I want a treadmill desk in the future but right now I'm using this for as long as my back can stand it. I've changed my laptop wallpaper since this picture but you can find it here.

I remain convinced that Virginia is one of the most beautiful places ever.

This was a wonderfully relaxing moment... I was reading the incomparable All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry. One of my favorite books of all time, and every time I read it I end up dropping everything I'm doing to absorb it. I find new things to love or appreciate about it every time I reread. 

Lately I've been finding myself getting more into stationary. It makes sense when you think about it- I'm the kind of writer who needs to actually use pen and paper to draft, or else it won't stick right in my brain. If I'm spending a significant portion of my time doing something so tactile then to me it's worth it to spend money on beautiful things to use. I've been thinking about doing a monthly "Plan With Me" vlog series, but then I realized that I just don't have enough going on with my life to really do a lot of planning- unless you consider planning time for "MAJOR PANIC STRESS-OUT" in which case I could def fill up my planner with that. 


On the downhill slide now with the draft- I'll send it off to my first readers, but once this is done it's back into the querying trenches. I'm excited, and apprehensive...

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