Skincare Tips: 3 Tips For the Office

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We all know the drill: wash your face morning and night, take of your makeup, don't touch your face or else our new overlords p. acnes will take this as a sign of weakness and mount an attack in the night, etc. We have morning routines and evening routines...but what about an office routine?

I have to stay hyper-vigilant about my skin, because it's always looking for ways to outsmart me, so I can wake up on the day of personal importance to find several blemishes thrilled about their moment of glory. And I've noticed that when I don't do certain things for my skin daily- including at work- then I fall behind.

Here are 3 tips I always follow when I'm at work:

1) Wipe down phones.

I'm on the phone a lot for my job, and I've noticed that if I'm not careful to wipe down the phones at least twice a day, I... well, I can show you, but I warn you, it's graphic. 

DO YOU SEE THAT. Would you believe that there's actually a WHOLE RING OF THOSE THINGS  along my temples and jaw that I'm too embarrassed to show you??? Because it's true. I have a semi-circle of pimples on my face around where I cradle the phone to my ear and it's the Satanic toadstool party I never wanted to be invited to. Thus, anti-microbial wipes are my greatest ally; I deploy them mercilessly and without fear.

2) Sunscreen.

Now you're supposed to apply this at the end of your morning routine, but guess what? Pretty much all sunscreens are like, "Yeah, we break down after about an hour and are no longer good" and then they just peace out like a Girl Scout. Because of this, I'm always certain to keep a small bottle of sunscreen with me to reapply throughout the day. Do you sit near a window? Then be very certain to reapply every 80 minutes or so.

3) Water.

This seems like such a cop-out tip, I know, but once I started carrying my Brita water bottle around with me it was like a breathtaking new vista opened in front of me, like the Grand Canyon but with fewer craters. I can tell when I'm getting thirsty because my lips dry up like the Southwestern US in summer and I'll try and stop the Arizona metaphors now. But seriously, my lips are almost never chapped and I swear my skin holds onto moisture better. 

What tips do you use to keep your skin in top shape during the day? Please share! I'd love to collect more!

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