Skincare Saturday: Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I HAVE RETURNED! I decided to take the week off last week because of the holiday, and so forth. I like y'all but, no offense, I kinda want to spend time with my family more than the internet? But fear not, I'm back with another Skincare Saturday post.

Continuing my review of the Caudalie favorites kit (here and here), we now have their hand cream. I was looking forward to this because 1) I wash my hands a lot at work so hand creams are a must, and 2) there's nothing like having a French hand cream in my purse to make me feel real fancy.

This is gonna be so awesome, I thought. I will keep this in my purse and when I need it I can pull it out and be like "Look at my hand cream, I am an adult and also a lady of refined taste." I could lord my fine taste over everyone else here in the Panera, and pretend like I'm pretty chic or whatever.

Now, as a hand cream this is pretty light. Not a bad thing! That makes it great for summer and it doesn't sit on your hands and leave them too slippery to open jars. 

The problem is that this doesn't smell nice and floral and vaguely chic.

It smells like flippin Fruit Loops.

3 fancies out of 10, would not recommend. 

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