Skincare Saturday: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It is legitimately embarrassing how late I am to this song, but it's the only thing I've been able to listen to all day. I want to get up and dance so hard to this. Word of advice: don't listen to this in the car because you will dance or speed or both and then it's just a mess. Stick to dancing in your bedroom or maybe folding laundry to this song.


So first off, I want to apologize for the fact that I lost my SD card. This forced me to use my iPhone for the pictures, so they will be crappier than usual.

Continuing my trial of the Caudalie line, I've recently started using their Beauty Elixir. This is a renowned cult favorite; Caroline Hirons swears by it. I wanted to like this, but sadly I wasn't too impressed by it.

Skin Stats:
  • acne prone
  • normal-to-oily
  • so pale I make icebergs freeze

I'm really used to my Missha First Treatment Essence Mist, so the first time I tried this I didn't think to close my eyes all the way. DO NOT DO THIS OH MY GOD DO NOT DO THIS have you ever gotten alcohol in your eye??? Because I can tell you right now you don't want to experience that ever. It was such a painful experience that now I not only keep my eyes tightly closed but I also cover them with my hand when I spray this on my face. 

This sprays on nice and clear, as you can tell. I use it about where I would normally put my Missha mist- as a hydrating step between my salicylic acid lotion and benzoyl peroxide (yes I use those two things together and also tretinoin, my skin has been breaking out like crazy). The smell can be pretty strong- its kind of in the same realm as tea tree oil. I've grown to like it but if you aren't a fan of odiferous things, this might not be for you.

Unfortunately I don't think it performs any better than the Missha product that I've been using, and in fact the Missha First Treatment mist is actually packaged better. This is in a semi-clear container, which can degrade the anti-oxidants, and you have the continually pump it to get the product out. With the Missha mist, you have a completely opaque container that you can just press down on the nozzle and release a continuous spray until you're done. Out of the two of them, I prefer the Missha. I like this, and will use it up, but I don't see myself repurchasing it any time soon.

Verdict: Okay, but I've experienced better.


The novel is coming along slowly but surely; I have another novel in the drafting stage and last weekend I went to Lexington for research. It was such an incredibly beautiful trip! Sadly, my phone battery was low low low and so I couldn't take any pictures. I plan on going back in the fall, because I wanted to do some walking around but it was simply too hot. Next time I'll take my DSLR and make sure to share the gorgeous shots with you guys.

The novel I'm revising will hopefully be done soon and then the search for an agent will continue. It's easy to get so discouraged but... I don't know, I really believe in this story? I won't give it up without a fight.

I've also been working on an interior design project... I doubt I'll be able to share the results any time soon but I honestly can't wait to show you! It will be so amazing.

I'm almost done with the video of my DC trip... it's only been about 2 months, that's totally reasonable right? Right.

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