Fashion Friday: Five Hairstyles I Want To Try

Friday, June 26, 2015

If you follow my Fashion and Beauty board on Pinterest, you've probably seen all the pictures of brightly colored hair I constantly post. I love, love, love unnaturally colored hair. I can't have it right now due to my job, but when I go back to school full-time next year, the very first thing I will do is dye my hair some crazy colors.

I've done a bit a of research and apparently Pravana is one of the longest-lasting brands when it comes to hair color. Their Insta is full of gorgeous hair styles that regularly make me sick with envy. I've picked 5 of my favorites, below:

Love how soft this looks! I dig the eyeliner too. I like to picture myself wearing a cute white dress with a rose gold bracelet, looking very sleek while rocking this hair.

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Look at all the different little shades! So much pink and orange goodness. 

I really like shades like this, where they look a little more "grown up". Not necessarily boring- there's enough kick there to set them apart- but I feel like I couldn't pull off a louder look, which is why I'm happy this kind of hair is a thing!

I ADORE how unique this looks. A splash of color where you don't expect it! This is the only way I'd be able to pull off a really bright color, I think. 

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And now for my favorite style of all... I would love to have multi-colored green and blue hair like this! I'm so sad it was posted with a filter because I'm dying to see what the colors looked like in real life. This is my absolute favorite hairstyle of them all!

What kinds of hairstyles are you dying to try? Tell me in the comments!

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