Cleansing Routine: Basic Bitch Edition

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Here's my recent musical obsession, which I love so much and is so badass- both the song and the video. Totally putting it on the playlist for NotSylvanlight. Revel in the awesome:


A while back I mentioned that I was using up a couple of products in my routine. Today I'm going to tell you what they are, and why I hate them.

Now, I do a variation on the Korean double cleanse routine. First up is my oil cleanser:

I bought this...I want to say early last year? I had just read about oil cleansing and this was before you could buy cleansing oils in Target, so I took my eager little hiney down to Sephora and purchased the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. And wow, do I ever regret this purchase.

First of all, it's really thick and hard to spread across your face. You either have to do a lot of tugging or use two pumps for each section of your face. This ain't ideal for massaging into your skin to loosen oil-based gunk. I'm okay with the double pumping because that will get this used up that much quicker, but if I had really liked this? I would not be pleased.

Secondly, and maybe this is just me, but somehow I manage to get it into my mouth every time I use it, and end up having to spit it out every time. Every time! Have you ever wanted to know what this cleanser tastes like? Well congrats, today is your lucky day because I can tell you it tastes like demon grapefruit and failed dreams.

Oh yeah and it also has citrus in it, which is never good for your face.

Next up is my "foaming" cleanser, which is actually not foaming at all because my skin has never played nice with those, so I use a gentle one:

I've been using the Cetaphil for years, because my dermatologist recommended it to me way back when. It's...okay? The main thing is that this used to be the ultimate gentle cleanser for years, but frankly in this day and age it's no longer that. There are much better formulated ones out there now, and this one still has a tendency to leave my skin feeling really tight after, which I don't like. Basically this thing is really boring with a pH of 6.

Now you may ask why I'm still using these if I don't like them. Well, I ain't rich (yet) so the idea of dumping them in the trash is like throwing away money to me. I will say that I like the Josie Maran bottle, and plan on using that in the future for my one true oil cleansing love, because that one's bottle is shite.

Fashion Friday: Five Hairstyles I Want To Try

Friday, June 26, 2015

If you follow my Fashion and Beauty board on Pinterest, you've probably seen all the pictures of brightly colored hair I constantly post. I love, love, love unnaturally colored hair. I can't have it right now due to my job, but when I go back to school full-time next year, the very first thing I will do is dye my hair some crazy colors.

I've done a bit a of research and apparently Pravana is one of the longest-lasting brands when it comes to hair color. Their Insta is full of gorgeous hair styles that regularly make me sick with envy. I've picked 5 of my favorites, below:

Love how soft this looks! I dig the eyeliner too. I like to picture myself wearing a cute white dress with a rose gold bracelet, looking very sleek while rocking this hair.

A photo posted by pravana (@pravana) on

Look at all the different little shades! So much pink and orange goodness. 

I really like shades like this, where they look a little more "grown up". Not necessarily boring- there's enough kick there to set them apart- but I feel like I couldn't pull off a louder look, which is why I'm happy this kind of hair is a thing!

I ADORE how unique this looks. A splash of color where you don't expect it! This is the only way I'd be able to pull off a really bright color, I think. 

A photo posted by pravana (@pravana) on

And now for my favorite style of all... I would love to have multi-colored green and blue hair like this! I'm so sad it was posted with a filter because I'm dying to see what the colors looked like in real life. This is my absolute favorite hairstyle of them all!

What kinds of hairstyles are you dying to try? Tell me in the comments!

Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2015: Part 1

Saturday, June 20, 2015

So Florence finally released the soundtrack to my summer and I still haven't listened to it all the way through because every time I get to this song I get stuck in a loop where I have to hit replay constantly. Someday I'll listen to the rest of the album, but, to quote Aragorn (son of Arathorn), it is not this day.


Back when I bought the 2015 Sephora Sun Safety Kit a couple of weeks ago, I planned to review it in batches: physical sunscreens in one post, chemical sunscreens in another, and anything that didn't fit into the previous categories last. And then, of course, I decided to use the miscellaneous products first, because I like to live dangerously.

First up is the Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Crème with SPF 15. You're supposed to use this under your eyes but I'm a rebel and use it on my eyelids/under my brows. I do this because 1) I'm already putting sunscreen under my eyes and 2) I never thought to put any on my eye area, a thing I'm reminded of when an occasional freckle pops up. Lately I've been looking into eye creams more and so I've found this particularly useful.

Since it's in a jar I use a tiny cosmetic spatula that I've sterilized with alcohol to take the absolute tiniest amount out and put it on my ring finger. It sounds odd, I know. The texture of the cream reminds me of sunscreen, but without the smell. It's nice and thick so a little goes a long way. This is a trial size but I could easily see this lasting me about 3 months, even with daily use.

When I first saw this in the box, I groaned inwardly. Great, they gave me a lipstick and it's too dark a color to wear. But! That is a lie! I was delighted to open it and find that it was a clear balm. The best part? No SPF taste, holy shit.

The main thing I hate about most sunscreen lip products is that nasty, nasty SPF taste you inevitably end up with. This has some citrusy flavoring that I really like! So I'm way more likely to use it than others. The only problem I have with it is that, for me, it's not quite hydrating enough. I use Aquaphor like a desert in a rainstorm, so probably no balm out there will ever quite measure up. Nevertheless, I can always pile that on top, so: Fresh, you win this one!

Okay wait so actually, looking at this picture, I lied a teensy bit. I have two problems with this. The stick itself is so tiny that I'm afraid of it snapping when I use it, but that's more down to the fact that this is a sample size than anything, so if you're thinking of getting the full-sized version I don't think that should be an issue.

I quite liked both of these samples and am incorporating them into my skincare regimen! Which, my god, doesn't need any more steps in it, but here we are.


The novel, guys, the novel! I finally had a minor breakthrough with regards to a character during revision and it was amazing, like the clouds parted and the angels sang. So excited to get through this next section! 

Sunday Sephora Haul!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello all!

So I thought I'd do a tiiiiiiny haul post, because I went to Sephora today and wanted to share what I got! Most of it is samples because I'm a cheap bish.

So I've used this previously and I quite liked it! I got the smaller version of this that they had for sale down by the counter. I like being able to spray on my sunscreen whenever I'm going to meet up with friends and I'm wearing something like shorts and a shirt. Not as time consuming as slathering on cream. I'm also contemplating taking this with me to work so when I reapply my sunscreen later in the day I can just spray this all over my face and be done with it.

I also got the Josie Maran Light Argan Oil which is my favorite moisturizer in the world, because it absorbs fairly quickly and doesn't sit on your face forever, which was my experience with jojoba oil and regular argan oil. I like to add tea tree oil to this to help with my acne issues. 

The Tarte sunscreen is one I've been wanting to try, so when I saw that this was available for 100 points I went YESSS and immediately asked for it. I have an absurd amount of points saved up, and whenever the stars align and this happens I remember why I save them.

The Lancome sample is 100 points offering which I can't wait to try. I shamelessly asked if I could get more than one thing and they let me. The two samples are ones for foundation: Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia and Urban Decay Naked foundation in 0.5. For the most part I don't like to wear foundation and prefer to just cover up blemishes with concealer, but sometimes you need to bust out the big guns and I'm always on the hunt for a foundation that works. The L'Oreal True Match in Porcelain is actually a perfect shade BUT it tends to flake around my nose no matter what primer I wear.


Got to spend my weekend hanging with friends and seeing Jurassic World, which I was anticipating to be fairly stupid, and it was! But entertainingly so. Also hoping to get a major spot of revision done on the manuscript and maybe even some drafting on the other project. Then a nice sheet mask and curling up with some research for the other project before bed.

Off to go get ready for dance class...

Skincare Saturday: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It is legitimately embarrassing how late I am to this song, but it's the only thing I've been able to listen to all day. I want to get up and dance so hard to this. Word of advice: don't listen to this in the car because you will dance or speed or both and then it's just a mess. Stick to dancing in your bedroom or maybe folding laundry to this song.


So first off, I want to apologize for the fact that I lost my SD card. This forced me to use my iPhone for the pictures, so they will be crappier than usual.

Continuing my trial of the Caudalie line, I've recently started using their Beauty Elixir. This is a renowned cult favorite; Caroline Hirons swears by it. I wanted to like this, but sadly I wasn't too impressed by it.

Skin Stats:
  • acne prone
  • normal-to-oily
  • so pale I make icebergs freeze

I'm really used to my Missha First Treatment Essence Mist, so the first time I tried this I didn't think to close my eyes all the way. DO NOT DO THIS OH MY GOD DO NOT DO THIS have you ever gotten alcohol in your eye??? Because I can tell you right now you don't want to experience that ever. It was such a painful experience that now I not only keep my eyes tightly closed but I also cover them with my hand when I spray this on my face. 

This sprays on nice and clear, as you can tell. I use it about where I would normally put my Missha mist- as a hydrating step between my salicylic acid lotion and benzoyl peroxide (yes I use those two things together and also tretinoin, my skin has been breaking out like crazy). The smell can be pretty strong- its kind of in the same realm as tea tree oil. I've grown to like it but if you aren't a fan of odiferous things, this might not be for you.

Unfortunately I don't think it performs any better than the Missha product that I've been using, and in fact the Missha First Treatment mist is actually packaged better. This is in a semi-clear container, which can degrade the anti-oxidants, and you have the continually pump it to get the product out. With the Missha mist, you have a completely opaque container that you can just press down on the nozzle and release a continuous spray until you're done. Out of the two of them, I prefer the Missha. I like this, and will use it up, but I don't see myself repurchasing it any time soon.

Verdict: Okay, but I've experienced better.


The novel is coming along slowly but surely; I have another novel in the drafting stage and last weekend I went to Lexington for research. It was such an incredibly beautiful trip! Sadly, my phone battery was low low low and so I couldn't take any pictures. I plan on going back in the fall, because I wanted to do some walking around but it was simply too hot. Next time I'll take my DSLR and make sure to share the gorgeous shots with you guys.

The novel I'm revising will hopefully be done soon and then the search for an agent will continue. It's easy to get so discouraged but... I don't know, I really believe in this story? I won't give it up without a fight.

I've also been working on an interior design project... I doubt I'll be able to share the results any time soon but I honestly can't wait to show you! It will be so amazing.

I'm almost done with the video of my DC trip... it's only been about 2 months, that's totally reasonable right? Right.