Skincare Saturday: Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friend: "So I heard this band on Spotify that I think you'd like."
Me: "Yeah?"
Friend: "They're called MisterWives!"
Me: "Ok."
Days pass in which I don't listen to them.
Friend: "Have you listened to MisterWives yet?"
Me: "No."
Friend: "Have you looked up MisterWives yet?"
Me: "No."
Friend: "Have you-"
Me: "No."

Then they sat me down and made me listen to them and now I am in love. 


I've been using this serum for months now but I'm honestly still ambivalent about it. When I first started using it, I got a really nice glow-y look to my face. I'd be constantly staring at my skin in any handy reflective surface (mirrors, windows, my phone screen) and just be like "Dang I look good!"

Well, I must be doing something wrong now, because that glow doesn't really appear anymore. I'm wondering if maybe I'm putting it somewhere in my routine that affects its pH level? A while back I adopted that Korean skincare routine that was making the rounds on all the skincare blogs. While I've since fallen away from that a little bit, I have been able to adapt it for my own routine (which I'll post about soon!). This was put a bit later in my routine than it had been previously so I think I'll do a bit of research into the pH levels and see about tweaking my routine.

The actual serum itself is very clear, at least initially; after a few months it will turn a yellow color and the darker the yellow, the less effective it is. It comes in a box with the bottle and the dropper packaged separately. The mouth of the bottle is actually pretty effective in keeping the product from getting all over the place and keeping a lot of the air out.

The Stats:

  • skin is normal-to-oily
  • prone to hormonal acne
  • so pale that I put #ffffff to shame
The Pros:
  • amazing skin when used properly
  • fragrance-free!
  • easy to apply
  • probably the best-formulated vitamin C serum on the market. No extra gimmicks thrown in, just L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid, and vitamin e.
  • the design of the bottle is pretty neat! Orange and white, very eye catching
The Cons:
  • It's $48.00 I mean REALLY?
  • because it's fragrance-free that means there's nothing to mask the smell of the serum. A lot of people have complained about this, but I don't think it's that bad? To me it smells like bacon, which is a little off-putting.
  • makes my face feel sticky afterwards
  • sometimes I'll scratch my jawline or the skin near my ear and I'll come away with dried yellow gunk which is this serum. Am I applying too much? Possibly. But why the dried yellow gunk?
  • the bottle is kinda see-through, and Paula Begoun is forever going on about how bottles for antioxidants like vitamin c need to be opaque. Why then the see-through bottle? 

You see why I'm ambivalent? The pros and the cons all cancel each other out. One major con that I didn't mention is that if you leave for work and forget to screw the top back on? You can kiss that vitamin c effectiveness goodbye. However, this is more a fault of me and not the serum so I don't think it's a true con, as it's not the product's fault that its owner is kind of an airhead.

I'm not going to be purchasing this for a couple of months as I recently got a bottle of the Ole Henriksen serum to try out, so we'll see how this compares to that. If you want to try purchasing at least a sample of this (for $9.00 ahahaha right) you can use my new customer referral link here for $10.00 off your order (with a minimum purchase of $15.00) (which also nets me a $10.00 credit).


I'm finally sitting down and editing the video from my DC adventure last month and oh my god I'd forgotten how much I love editing video. I'm supposed to be editing my novel this weekend but now that has a contender so I'll just let them duke it out and we'll see who wins. I'm not sure when the video will be up, but hopefully it'll be before next Saturday! 

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