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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last weekend I met up with my two aerial friends at a winery, where one of them works. We hadn't seen each other in ages and it was so nice to be able to sit down and talk with each other. This was the view from the winery, and what an obscenely beautiful one it was!

There's been quite a lot of beauty in Virginia lately...even though the weather has gone mid-summer hot, there are still a few blooms here and there... poor spring and fall never last long in this state, which is a pity as these are my favorite seasons.

ANYWAY, to return to last weekend...after we left the winery, we went to a local gathering of performing types at a cabin the Virginia mountains. They hold a gathering every full moon, and if it's during the weekend I usually try to go. It's always quite amazing to see all the talented people perform...there's fire and bellydance and various cirque routines, all put on spontaneously to live music. I didn't perform- my dance of choice in this environment is aerial hoop but there wasn't enough space to set up an outdoor rig. 

Who DID perform, however, was my sweet Winery Friend. She's a very quiet-spoken and shy person, but she's been practicing hooping for quite some time and is amazingly good at it. She's always wanted to try the fire hoop, and after a few minutes practicing off to the side she finally got to try it live and she was incredible. The people standing next to me couldn't believe it was her first time doing it because she performed like she'd used fire for years. The gentleman next to me was so blown was the sweetest thing, and I made sure to memorize all of his comments to repeat to my friend later. As someone who is also ill at ease in social gatherings I appreciated just how much courage it took for her to perform in front of an audience. To this day I'm still so proud of her and she did such a good job. I wish I'd been able to take pictures or video, but alas my phone was very low on power...

Here's my picture for Star Wars Day... I'm trying VERY hard not to go on a rant about the new movies, but suffice it to say that I'm not pleased, because all indications are that my favorite character won't be involved. 

This was how I spent my Friday night...I'm enjoying this book, Sophia Amoruso has an engaging writing style and the book itself is so nicely designed. It's not much of a how-to book but it IS fairly good at making you feel confident and inspired, which is something I've been needing more of lately.

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