Fashion Friday Five: UV Protective Clothing

Friday, May 29, 2015

Guess how excited I am that this week's Fashion Friday can also be a Friday Five? Really fricken excited, is the answer. The Alliteration Train ain't stopping any time soon! Resign yourself.

I've always been super conscious of needing to stay out of the sun. Ever since I was a teenager, I'd wear long pants and a hoodie year round, even during summer. Once I got out of my goth phase, though, I found myself becoming increasingly unhappy as I sweltered in the Virginia heat.

A couple of years ago I got a Coolibar shirt for Christmas and ever since then I've been stalking the brand's website. Mine is black, has long sleeves and a hood, yet it's very lightweight and I rarely feel overheated when wearing it. The brand is all about sun-safe protective clothing, which means that their stuff is made to be worn in hot weather, which is pretty nifty!

What's less exciting is that an awful lot of the choices seem to be geared towards older white people who had a mole scare and now want to have something to keep them safe during their Saturday morning golfing excursions. Still, there are a few athletic pieces that would look pretty cute for a post-workout coffeehouse run. I chose a couple of these, as well as a few other things that I would use on a continuous basis.

Behold the selection! Links to the items are at the end of the post.

UV Protective Clothing

UV Protective Clothing by felicitykevans featuring umbrellas

1. ZnO Cowl Neck Pullover- I love everything this chooses to be. It looks comfortable, is cute, has a hood (even more sun protection!), and also covers your hands! This is great, in case you forget to apply sunscreen to them.

2. ZnO Sporty Beach Pants- These look just like workout pants but also have added sun protection. If, like me, you make the regrettable sartorial choice to live in yoga pants every day, then this is for you.

3. Cooltect Gloves- I know, it seems kinda weird to have gloves, right? Here's the thing: your hands will age really easily. Even if you put sunscreen on them, it'll come off whenever you wash your hands, so unless you keep sunscreen on you at all times (which I do, but that's a whole different blog post) it's kind of pointless. I'd keep these in my car, because by far the most sun exposure occurs when I'm driving. Here's a terrifying fact: the skin on the left side of your body ages more/has a higher chance of cancer than the skin on your right side due to the fact that it's more exposed to the sun during driving. My problem with these gloves is that they're kinda dorky. I bet they could be made to be cuter! Regardless, they'd get the job done, so into the car they go.

4. 48" Titanium Fashion Umbrella- like all other overeducated white girls, I had an obsession with Victorian England when I was younger. This still manifests itself in my life in numerous odd ways, and one of those ways is the fact that I'm hell bent on having a nice little parasol collection. My main issue with this offering from Coolibar is that it's kinda...bland? I like the sleekness of it, but the only color it comes in is silver. While I love the Asian UPF parasols that have numerous ruffles and other cute things, I understand the Western market is probably less welcoming of that sort of style, so I get why they stick with a basic umbrella design. But surely we could have a few more colors?

5. Baby Sun Blanket- literally the perfect thing for any situation. Wearing a dress? Toss it over your knees! Need a shawl? Use this! I would also store this in my car with the gloves because it seems like it could be so handy. 

That's the wishlist for now! When I'm actually able to purchase these items I'll write about them too. Can't wait to get my hands on that hoodie...


I was able to get one of the Sephora Sun Safety kits this year and was all geared up to do a post about it. But I'd been dying to try the Josie Maran sunscreen, so I had to pull that out first and take it with me to work so I could test it out for a couple of days. And then it fell out of my bag and shattered all over the pavement, along with my hopes and dreams. So now the plan is to review the samples in their own individual thing, or maybe as a series? I haven't decided yet. Anyway, that's also coming up! Right after I get my skin cleared up...



Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Saturday, May 23, 2015

No post this weekend guys! Taking some time off from most electronics and social media to read and connect with my loved ones. :) See you guys next week!

Skincare Saturday: Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friend: "So I heard this band on Spotify that I think you'd like."
Me: "Yeah?"
Friend: "They're called MisterWives!"
Me: "Ok."
Days pass in which I don't listen to them.
Friend: "Have you listened to MisterWives yet?"
Me: "No."
Friend: "Have you looked up MisterWives yet?"
Me: "No."
Friend: "Have you-"
Me: "No."

Then they sat me down and made me listen to them and now I am in love. 


I've been using this serum for months now but I'm honestly still ambivalent about it. When I first started using it, I got a really nice glow-y look to my face. I'd be constantly staring at my skin in any handy reflective surface (mirrors, windows, my phone screen) and just be like "Dang I look good!"

Well, I must be doing something wrong now, because that glow doesn't really appear anymore. I'm wondering if maybe I'm putting it somewhere in my routine that affects its pH level? A while back I adopted that Korean skincare routine that was making the rounds on all the skincare blogs. While I've since fallen away from that a little bit, I have been able to adapt it for my own routine (which I'll post about soon!). This was put a bit later in my routine than it had been previously so I think I'll do a bit of research into the pH levels and see about tweaking my routine.

The actual serum itself is very clear, at least initially; after a few months it will turn a yellow color and the darker the yellow, the less effective it is. It comes in a box with the bottle and the dropper packaged separately. The mouth of the bottle is actually pretty effective in keeping the product from getting all over the place and keeping a lot of the air out.

The Stats:

  • skin is normal-to-oily
  • prone to hormonal acne
  • so pale that I put #ffffff to shame
The Pros:
  • amazing skin when used properly
  • fragrance-free!
  • easy to apply
  • probably the best-formulated vitamin C serum on the market. No extra gimmicks thrown in, just L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid, and vitamin e.
  • the design of the bottle is pretty neat! Orange and white, very eye catching
The Cons:
  • It's $48.00 I mean REALLY?
  • because it's fragrance-free that means there's nothing to mask the smell of the serum. A lot of people have complained about this, but I don't think it's that bad? To me it smells like bacon, which is a little off-putting.
  • makes my face feel sticky afterwards
  • sometimes I'll scratch my jawline or the skin near my ear and I'll come away with dried yellow gunk which is this serum. Am I applying too much? Possibly. But why the dried yellow gunk?
  • the bottle is kinda see-through, and Paula Begoun is forever going on about how bottles for antioxidants like vitamin c need to be opaque. Why then the see-through bottle? 

You see why I'm ambivalent? The pros and the cons all cancel each other out. One major con that I didn't mention is that if you leave for work and forget to screw the top back on? You can kiss that vitamin c effectiveness goodbye. However, this is more a fault of me and not the serum so I don't think it's a true con, as it's not the product's fault that its owner is kind of an airhead.

I'm not going to be purchasing this for a couple of months as I recently got a bottle of the Ole Henriksen serum to try out, so we'll see how this compares to that. If you want to try purchasing at least a sample of this (for $9.00 ahahaha right) you can use my new customer referral link here for $10.00 off your order (with a minimum purchase of $15.00) (which also nets me a $10.00 credit).


I'm finally sitting down and editing the video from my DC adventure last month and oh my god I'd forgotten how much I love editing video. I'm supposed to be editing my novel this weekend but now that has a contender so I'll just let them duke it out and we'll see who wins. I'm not sure when the video will be up, but hopefully it'll be before next Saturday! 

Miscellanea 2

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last weekend I met up with my two aerial friends at a winery, where one of them works. We hadn't seen each other in ages and it was so nice to be able to sit down and talk with each other. This was the view from the winery, and what an obscenely beautiful one it was!

There's been quite a lot of beauty in Virginia lately...even though the weather has gone mid-summer hot, there are still a few blooms here and there... poor spring and fall never last long in this state, which is a pity as these are my favorite seasons.

ANYWAY, to return to last weekend...after we left the winery, we went to a local gathering of performing types at a cabin the Virginia mountains. They hold a gathering every full moon, and if it's during the weekend I usually try to go. It's always quite amazing to see all the talented people perform...there's fire and bellydance and various cirque routines, all put on spontaneously to live music. I didn't perform- my dance of choice in this environment is aerial hoop but there wasn't enough space to set up an outdoor rig. 

Who DID perform, however, was my sweet Winery Friend. She's a very quiet-spoken and shy person, but she's been practicing hooping for quite some time and is amazingly good at it. She's always wanted to try the fire hoop, and after a few minutes practicing off to the side she finally got to try it live and she was incredible. The people standing next to me couldn't believe it was her first time doing it because she performed like she'd used fire for years. The gentleman next to me was so blown was the sweetest thing, and I made sure to memorize all of his comments to repeat to my friend later. As someone who is also ill at ease in social gatherings I appreciated just how much courage it took for her to perform in front of an audience. To this day I'm still so proud of her and she did such a good job. I wish I'd been able to take pictures or video, but alas my phone was very low on power...

Here's my picture for Star Wars Day... I'm trying VERY hard not to go on a rant about the new movies, but suffice it to say that I'm not pleased, because all indications are that my favorite character won't be involved. 

This was how I spent my Friday night...I'm enjoying this book, Sophia Amoruso has an engaging writing style and the book itself is so nicely designed. It's not much of a how-to book but it IS fairly good at making you feel confident and inspired, which is something I've been needing more of lately.

Dream Vanity

Saturday, May 9, 2015

One of my favorite things to do is shop for my "dream home". Now, it's literally years and years before I'll be able to live on my own, in my own place, but it's still nice to think about what kinds of things to decorate it with, plus having years to plan for it means that I'll have years to curate stuff I'll really want. So actually I'm saving money by doing this, right? Right. (Don't tell me otherwise let me have my dreams.)

I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about my vanity/beauty room/Place Of Shoes. I can take 5 minutes or 2 hours to get ready, depending on the situation, so I feel that if you're going to be spending a portion of your time in one spot every day, then it might as well be a place that's beautiful and makes you happy. Dream Vanity

Dream Vanity by felicitykevans featuring a diamond rug

    Look at this thing! I don't like the idea of this kind of setup being screwed into the wall, because I would probably do it wrong and then ruin the wall, plus what if I want to redecorate? Enter this mirror. You can get it in several colors, and while it does have a logo that I wish weren't there, you could totally decorate over that with some stickers from a craft store or whatever. Find some LED bulbs shaped like that and you have my dream come true mirror. Also this has plugs in the front so you can do your hair while at the vanity, instead of in the bathroom.

    I'm not actually sold on this desk. I really wanted one with the open side that one has, but with drawers instead of whatever they've got going on to the right. But it's an accurate approximation so who am I to complain?

    Now if I'm going to have a lovely giant mirror like that, I'm also going to need something close up for detailed work. Enter: this simplehuman mirror. It's crazy expensive but also automatically lights up when it detects your face near it. This is exactly the kind of futuristic detail guaranteed to make me swoon. It's a magnification mirror and 6 inches across which should give a nice bit of space to work with.

  I picked these because they had the nicest shapes but you can get these at any craft store, really. How neat would these look sitting on your desk with cotton balls and rounds and Q-tips? Really fricken neat, is the answer.

    Everyone and their mother has a ghost chair by now but I don't care. It's such a cool way to add some "traditional" styling but keeping everything sleek and modern. My main concern is that my legs might get stuck to the surface but I guess if I wear a robe or get a cushion that would take care of the issue

    I like the idea of marking off the vanity space with a rug and this one is such a lovely color but not too overwhelming. I think the blush pink would go really well with the clean lines of the vanity and chair and the white-and-gold color scheme.

    My lower back is very important and deserves only the most delicately pink of pillows.

8. Kate Spade Vases: Pearl Place and Sunset Street Lux Rose Bowl

    How chic would these look filled with a few flowers? I'd probably get fake ones because while I love fresh flowers they are A) expensive and B) not good for the environment. I'm still undecided about which ones I'd get but roses, peonies, and cherry blossoms are all featuring in my design schemes.

    I love the scent of vanilla (especially when paired when lavender) so this would be perfect for the space.

10. Pottery Barn photographs: Soft LightTouch of Spring, and Glitz

      These photographs are so pretty! I'd love to have these hanging on the walls next to the vanity. They really just make me feel so peaceful looking at them, which is important when getting ready to face the day

11. Tres chic poster by TheMotivatedType on Etsy
      This adds the tiniest bit of sass to the wall decor and I love it.

So that's it for now! Obviously this is apt to change over time so we'll see how I feel in a few months, but I really like this collection here. What does your dream vanity look like?

Fashion Friday: Captain America Outfit for Avengers 2!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Outfit!

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Outfit! by felicitykevans featuring denim capris

So like everyone else in the universe I'm losing my damn mind waiting for Avengers 2! I remember walking out of Avengers 1 and bemoaning the fact that it was going to be 3 whole years before I could see the sequel. And now it's today!!!

This is what I'm wearing to go see it with friends...I love the shirt as a more casual thing but I kind of wish I was wearing one that would go with the jeans better. The shoes aren't exactly what I'm planning on wearing but the actual pair I've had for over 10 years and no longer exist online, so these were the closest.

By far the thing that means to me the most is the necklace. My best friend got it for me for last Galentine's day and it's probably my very favorite thing? Mine is the red one that says "of the line" on the back. She has the blue one which says "til the end" UGH MY HEART SHE IS TOO PERFECT.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a Sunday Night Cinema on Avengers 2 but haven't decided yet. We'll see how it goes!

Links to buy the items in the set above: