Skincare Saturday: Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My coworker has been playing the heck out of this song lately and I LOVE IT. It's so catchy and upbeat- the perfect spring song. I know it came out in 2013 but I always discover music like 18 months after the fact so I've resigned myself to being hopelessly out of it.


A while back I bought the Caudalie favorites kit. I've been wanting to try their products for ages, especially after seeing them around so much, so this seemed like the perfect way to try them out. That way, if I end up not liking them at least I didn't splurge too much money.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cleansing milk. I knew it said "gentle" on the bottle, but what brands think of as "gentle" and what I think of gentle are usually very different, so I expected this to leave my face feeling really dry and tight afterwards, and it didn't!

This product has a milky (of course) look to it, and it feels way more like a lotion than it does like a soap. It has a mild fragrance, which I'm not fond of but since it's not sitting on my face too long I can deal.

My stats:
  • skin is normal to oily
  • hormonal acne-prone
  • so fair I look like I'm manifesting into this plane from the afterlife
How I used:
  • morning and night
  • second cleanser in my two-step cleansing
  • applied to wet skin and massaged in for a minute before rinsing

I actually really liked this product. It feels very nice going on and your face doesn't feel at all dry afterwards. I'm using up my bottle of Cetaphil and that tends to make my skin feel just the teensiest bit dry afterwards, but this didn't do that at all. I was very impressed by it.

Sadly, at $28.00 for 6.7 oz I won't be purchasing the full size version of this product. Why would I do that when I can get the CeraVe cleanser at Ulta for twice the size at half the price? It's nice, but it's not that nice.

I plan on using this for traveling from now on but at least I will feel very fancy when I travel.

Verdict: nice as a trial product, but maybe not buy the full size unless it makes you really happy?


In other news, I was a total dink and forgot to hit publish in order to schedule my other post this week. It'll go live on Monday of next week. See you then!

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