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Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm loving the April showers we've been having recently... it doesn't feel properly spring without the rain. The trees are blooming and the grass is so green now, too. It's odd, watching everything come back to life after the winter we had. 


Found this box at Michael's recently and of course had to get it for my tea collection...this isn't even close to the entire collection but it's what would fit in there. The rest of it is scattered all over Virginia with friends and family. I had to choose the London box, it simply wouldn't have been appropriate otherwise. 


I had the most amazing day a couple of weekends ago...I'm going to be posting about it and even doing a video soon! But to be brief: I went with family to see the Washington Ballet perform Swan Lake and then went out to see the cherry blossoms and eat amazing vegetarian food afterwards...I laughed for pretty much the entire day. It was an oddly fortunate day too, which I'll delve into further in the actual post; for now, I'll leave the following image as a teaser:

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