Fashion Friday: Five Outfits I Want For Spring

Friday, April 10, 2015

I know it's been at least a couple of weeks now, but spring didn't really start here in Virginia until last week, so it's been hard for me to get in the mindset of "Spring! Pastels! Florals! Groundbreaking!" until very recently.

I decided I wanted to put together some outfits using some pieces I've been keeping a keen, keen eye on. This whole post is basically my spring wishlist but since I'm trying to be An Adult and practice Fiscal Responsibility, I haven't purchased a single one of these. Not one! Not yet. You may leave your praise at my excellent adulting in the comments below.

A couple of these items, like the Wonder Woman Diana Prince watch, are things I already own so you might as well resign yourself to the fact that they will show up constantly in pretty much every outfit post for the rest of the year.

Spring 2015: Go-To Outfit

This would be my default spring outfit. It's fairly basic yet has all the polka dots I could possibly need.

Spring 2015: Casual

"Shit, shit, we were supposed to hang out??? OMG I totally forgot shit shit shit I need to be there NOW."

I picked items that would look cute if you had like 25 minutes to get ready and spent 15 of them looking for your keys. I chose the Naked Basics palette because it has pretty much every color I could need, and I chose the Cha Cha lip balm by Benefit because it's an easy way to give yourself lasting lip color.

Spring 2015: Dress To Impress

"Hello yes I am high-powered boss lady? Please give me all of your jobs, thank you."
I just want to add that the Essie polish I used in this look is much, much lighter and more sheer in real life than it is in the photograph.

Spring 2015: Brunch

"Yeah so I actually remembered we were supposed to hang out today."

For this look I went with makeup that would give a very fresh and glow-y vibe.

Spring 2015: Night Out

This definitely has more of a summer vibe to it but I'm so in love with that dress that I needed to use it.

That's it! To my surprise, the outfit I keep coming back to is Dress To Impress; I think it's because I get to use my Feminist Killjoy Brooch, which I'm always excited to deploy. What's also surprising to me is that the quilted ASOS bag was what I'd originally envisioned as my go-to spring bag, but looking at the sets I ended up going with the River Island one. Guess I need to make a few tweaks to my shopping cart...

What items or outfits do you have in mind for this spring? I'd love to see them!

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